We never stop learning about God, and how wonderful that is: to know Him more and more for eternity. 

Parkway fosters that learning through discipleship and small group bible study. Small groups are a way for each person to dive into scripture unabashedly with peers so that The Spirit can reveal to us and through us. 

We have small groups for all ages and stages of life, and invite you to come and see for yourself the fellowship and growth that can happen when christians come together and sharpen each other, "as iron sharpens iron" (Proverbs 27:17).

Sunday Morning Small Groups 11:00 am

Ladies (All Ages) - Room 107 Janice Drees

Adult 1A (20-30 with no children) - Room 105 Ronnie & Shelly Peters

Adult 1B (25-35 with younger children) - Room 109 Morgan Harbison

Adult 1C (35-50 with older children) - Room 103 Shannon Flanigan

Adult 2A (50-60) - Room 108 Jory Grassinger

Adult 2B (60-70) - Room 101 Tom McDougal

Adult 3A (70 and over) - Room 106 Gary Samford

Adult 3B (70 and over) - Room 110 Ed Barron

• College/Career - Building A 112 Bryan & Mallory Crawford