We never stop learning about God, and how wonderful that is: to know Him more and more for eternity. 

Parkway fosters that learning through discipleship and small group bible study. Small groups are a way for each person to dive into scripture unabashedly with peers so that The Spirit can reveal to us and through us. 

We have small groups for all ages and stages of life, and invite you to come and see for yourself the fellowship and growth that can happen when christians come together and sharpen each other, "as iron sharpens iron" (Proverbs 27:17).

Sunday Morning Small Groups


Abiding is a class that teaches us how to do exactly that: abide. Abide by His Word and His Love. What better way to do that than diving into the scripture and studying the wonderful things He has done, and to know him more?


Time: 11:00 am | Building: C | Room: 108


Agape is the greek word for the type of love that Christ shows for us constantly from the beginning, and the love we seek to show others because of Christ. Knowing Christ through the scripture helps us to see others how Christ sees them, and sees us. Showing that true and unbound love for humanity is a goal we should all have as christians, and it's what the Agape class seeks to do. Diving into scripture is the only way to be more like Christ, and being like Christ is what we live for as "little Christs".


Time: 11:00 am | Building: C | Room: 131


We never stop growing in Christ, and that's what Ambassadors' class is for. Using the scripture to dive into theology and continuing to equip christians to be just that, ambassadors to the world. We touch so many people in our daily lives, and have even more eyes watching us than that. It is for that reason that we must continue to "run the race" until the finish. There is no rest except in Christ Jesus. 


Time: 11:00 am | Building: A | Room: 112

God Squad

A class for young families, the people in the "God Squad" often have children ranging from newborn to teenagers. 

Life can get crazy in the hustle and the bustle, and this class understands that and seeks to instill peace through diving into the Word together. This class and its members are also in a prime position to evangelize, being in a working environment or part of organizations with people who may not be believers, or maybe have neglected their spiritual walk.


Time: 11:00 am | Building: C | Room: N/A


We run the race so that we may win, Paul tells us, and to win we must never stop running. Going through all stages of life we must run. The hill toppers class turns to scripture for motivation to run that race, as well as directions on how to run the race. We run that we may win, and that victory we win is for Christ, in Christ, and through Christ.


Time: 11:00 am | Building: C | Room: 132


Overcomers is for people who have overcome, are overcoming, and are yet to overcome. Understanding that the only way we overcome is through the power of Christ Jesus' interceding for us personally. As we continue to work for The Kingdom we find more and more obstacles that are placed in our way to hinder us, and not only do we overcome these through Christ, but we already have according to his divine will. Diving into the scripture proves us through God, that we may be more like Him in all we do.


Time: 11:00 am | Building: C | Room: 127


Seekers understands that to be a christian and remain on earth means an unfinished job, and seeks to equip and support christian men and women no matter where they are on their spiritual walk. Using the scripture to guide our daily actions is imperative to being like Christ, and diving into the scripture is the only way to do that.


Time: 11:00 am | Building: C | Room: 129


The Transformers class is a class for younger families to families that are a bit older.

With class members having children ranging in age from young children to grown men and women, scripture is used to teach how to guide families with God at the helm. It's so easy to lose ourselves in the business of every day that we can forget sometimes that we are christians first and foremost. Join the Transformer class as they dive into the scripture to transform hearts and minds through the Spirit.


Time: 11:00 am | Building: C | Room: N/A